What will 2018 bring? – BLOG/NEWS 9 Enero 2018

I’ve always been a fan of setting goals at the beginning of each year because it provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect and focus on improvement. Even more interesting if you consider that 2017 was the year that our company Sedna Executive Search was born.

Looking back…..

In July 2017 we started with great enthusiasm Sedna Executive Search, a new boutique executive search firm dedicated to the Consumer & Retail sector. Read why we started the company: http://www.sednaexecutivesearch.com/?p=364

During the first six months we have built a new website, talent intelligence platform (CRM/Database), a strong research and consultancy team, settled in at a great office in Madrid and we executed our first assignments successfully.

We also worked hard on our differentiation factors, not only by constructing an excellent team (“people make the difference”), but also by adding real quality aspects to our processes. One important differentiation factor is our Rapid Impact Coaching program as part of our “Onboarding” service for Senior Management. Rapid Impact Coaching guarantees a better induction and a rapid impact of the contracted manager. Read more about it at: http://www.sednaexecutivesearch.com/?p=559

Besides the more classical executive search services we developed a refreshing new Talent Management service where re-active Talent Management makes place for a pro-active approach by “External Talent Pipelines”. See also: http://www.sednaexecutivesearch.com/?p=570


What will 2018 bring?

At Sedna Executive Search we are working on continuous improvement and to support our international coverage we will open our second office at the Avenue Louise in Brussels in February.

Sedna Executive Search will also implement in 2018 an innovative online assessment platform worldwide. A flexible platform which can be adapted to the different selection processes like online personality tests, interviews, role plays, case studies, in-tray exercises, presentations.


But 2018 just started and there is a lot more to come…………

We at Sedna Executive Search, wish you an excellent 2018, full of health, joy and happiness. And we are looking forward to welcoming you as a client company or client candidate this year !!

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Martin Poppe, Founder and Managing Partner, Sedna Executive Search, 08 January 2018.